The definition of balance in my life

Life definition is - the quality that distinguishes a vital and functional being from a dead body how to use life in a sentence the quality that distinguishes a. The meaning of balance robin long , july 23, 2012 july 23, 2012 , finding balance , 4 given that this is a website dedicated to inspiring women to take a balanced approach to health and fitness - i find myself thinking about the concept of balance quite a bit. Serenity is the balance between good and bad, life and death, horrors and pleasures life is, as it were, defined by death if there wasn't death of things, then there wouldn't be any life to celebrate. B: to bring into harmony or proportion i struggled to balance my career and family life a balanced diet c : to bring to a state or position of balance (see balance entry 1 sense 2 ) balanced the scales by adding a little more on one side.

Life is a characteristic that distinguishes physical entities that have biological processes, such as signaling and self-sustaining processes, from those that do not, either because such functions have ceased (they have died), or because they never had such functions and are classified as inanimate. if you were to ask me for a single word that describes something essential to all types of success - in life, health, business, finance, relationships - that word would be balance. Expert reviewed how to find balance in your life three parts: preventing being over-worked making time for relationships making time for you community q&a in today's society where most people spend more time at work or working than in any other context, it's common to feel over-worked and off-balance. The following is a worksheet that can help you or a loved one to examine balance distribution in a variety of areas in life and what areas need more or less focus for each category record how.

Acknowledging that balance is essential and recreating your life to encompass your decision is worth all the risk 6 make time to reassess yourself on a daily basis. Wickremer's definition of the perfect work-life balance scenario is doing the job you love, working with people you get along with, and not working crazy hours. Striving for balance by staff forerunner, ready answer, july 2004 a false balance is an abomination to the lord, but a just weight is his delight —proverbs 11:1 a number of years ago, as our children were growing up and the numerous issues affecting families began to become a reality, we, like many people, often felt overwhelmed by life. We tend to underestimate how much maintaining balance contributes to living life successfully and productively as a sports enthusiast, i appreciate how sports are a metaphor for, or a microcosm of, life so you will find me making many comparisons and analogies. Balance definition: 1 a state where things are of equal weight or force: 2 the balance on a piece of electronic equipment for playing music is the particular mixture of different sounds, or the device that controls this3 after thinking about all the different facts or opinions:.

For a lot of people, the pursuit of a healthy work/life balance seems like an impossible goal with so many of us torn between juggling heavy workloads, managing relationships and family responsibilities, and squeezing in outside interests, it's no surprise that more than one in four americans. Work-life balance is a daily effort to make time for family, friends, community participation, spirituality, personal growth, self-care, and other personal activities, in addition to the demands of the workplace. As a libra, my sign is the scale, which signifies balance i'm not sure how much my signage plays into my desire to live a balanced life, but i do know that the more balanced i feel, the more free i feel in my work i am often reminded that what works for some people does not necessarily work.

The definition of balance in my life

Life balance seems to be the topic on everyone's mind of late we have discovered that maintaining a healthy life balance is not only essential for happiness and well-being it can be a tremendous boost to your productivity and career or business success as well a well-balanced person has a far. Verb (used with object), bal nced, bal nc ng to bring to or hold in equilibrium poise: to balance a book on one's head to arrange, adjust, or proportion the parts of symmetrically.

  • Balance your life because we have so many different parts to our lives - family and friends, career and finances, health and fun, personal and spiritual growth, to name just a few, maintaining balance among them can be very difficult.
  • According to the holistic medicine philosophy, one can achieve optimal health -- the primary goal of holistic medicine practice -- by gaining proper balance in life.

The wheel of life is a great tool to help you improve your life balance it helps you quickly and graphically identify the areas in your life to which you want to devote more energy, and helps you understand where you might want to cut back. 115 balance quotes what does living a balanced life look like let these balance quotes encourage and inspire you to keep a balance in your life. Compensating balance, offsetting balance - a minimum credit balance that a bank may require a borrower to keep on deposit as a condition for granting a loan a common requirement for establishing a line of credit at a bank the compensating balance increases the effective interest rate to the bank since the net amount loaned is reduced but the. 'a working woman needs to organise her life to balance her professional and family life' 'feng shui is the art of aligning complementary opposites to coexist, balancing the five elements of water, wood, fire, earth and metal.

the definition of balance in my life My life was in perfect balance - working, and also helping my husband run his business, raising three boys, taking care of the home and meals, taking care of myself, etc - when i realized that trying to do everything at once was not working for anyone. the definition of balance in my life My life was in perfect balance - working, and also helping my husband run his business, raising three boys, taking care of the home and meals, taking care of myself, etc - when i realized that trying to do everything at once was not working for anyone.
The definition of balance in my life
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